In 1987 St Wilfrid's School Choir recorded Cantibus in Choro at Blackburn Cathedral. This was produced and sold, as far as I know, on a limited run of cassette and LPs (vinyl). Partly because I never listen to LPs any more and partly because it seems a shame to let this recording languish on shelves, I have converted it as best I can into mp3 format so that people can again listen to what was a pretty good choir in it's day.

Please bear in mind that I was converting a twenty three year old LP using a deck I hadn't dusted off in ten years. It may be that I have been overzealous in  correcting the audio and reducing the rumble, scratches and clicks present on my copy. For those who were there, you will know that the recording was a little less than perfect with the traffic noise outside the Cathedral intruding into tracks occasionally. I would call the quality adequate for listening to via loud speakers but you will notice the audio correction on headphones.

I'm no expert in audio treatment so if someone has advice or, indeed, has a better original recording please contact me on pete {at} logans dot me dot uk. For the geeks; I was using a Strathearn deck and Audacity recording, treatment and format conversion software. There's a copy of the first side here to compare with to see what I was up against.

To listen to Cantibus click the download button. It's a zip file of all sixteen tracks plus a Windows Media Playlist file. Once it's on your PC, unzip it and double click on the playlist to listen. 

          Pete Logan

       Happy Christmas!